Arna Magnea Danks



Arna Magnea Danks was born 1970 in Iceland Reykjavik, and is of Northern Irish/Icelandic descent.

Her training includes:

Diploma in Education, 2008 - 2009 from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts;.
BA Diploma in Acting, 1997 - 2000 from the East 15 Acting School/University of East London
Stage Combat Teacher/Choreographer, from the British Academy of Dramatic Combat [BADC] She was trained by Nick Hall, Master of Arms, Chairman of the BADC and Equity Fight Director, 2000 - 2003.
Fencing (Foil grade 5 & Sabre Grade 4) taught by Angela Goodall - BAF [British Academy of Fencing] University of Iceland -

She is working towards a MA Degree in Gender Studies within the University of Iceland. She has worked as a freelance actress, fight/stunt coordinator and teacher in Iceland since 2006.

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