Einar Bjartur Egilsson


Einar Bjartur

Einar Bjartur Egilsson studied piano at the Music School of Sigursveinn and later in the Iceland University of the Arts under the guidance of Peter Máté. In the year of 2013 he performed a piano concerto by F. Poulenc with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Einar did his masters in piano studies in the Netherlands and during that time he composed music and released an album with his own composition called Heimkoma.

Einar has performed with a great number of musicians both in Iceland and in the Netherlands. He works as an accompanist and a teacher at the music school of Árnessýsla. He has performed in a variety of shows, concerts, plays and events and recently recorded two solo piano albums. At the moment he is preparing a new album, working on an opera project and a solo recital.

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